The first power cut came just as I sat down to eat during evening prayers. Divine intervention, maybe? Instead of reaching for my phone, or for my super-duper, new flashlight/ mozzie-taser in the shape of a tennis racket - a gift I’d received from TC on arrival - I edged my way in pitch black to the bedside table where I’d left two candles. Needless to say, by the time I’d returned to my plate of veg chilli and chips on the terrace, the power was switched back on again. Nice one, God, ha ha!

After spending three weeks here in June, suffering just a touch of prickly heat, I’m now accustomed to temperatures over 40. I don’t use sunscreen; just a hat and light cover when out under the beating sun. 

Days start with a general clear-up of leaves and berries which constantly drop from two trees in the courtyard. Presently, a laughing dove (see image above) is busily making a nest, picking out bits of twig and fibre lying amongst the heaps of organic debris. 

There’s also a fresh water well, marvellous for taking an outdoor cooling shower. The house is a haven of calm, at least between prayers. I’m here thanks to TC and, indirectly, my Internet activities over the past year.

This afternoon we are going swimming together again. The water is fabulous. Perfect visibility and at 28-26 degrees, absolute heaven. Freediving to 15m is a doddle with a new pair of stiff fins which - like the house - are a borrowed gift from TC. This morning, I collected two boxes and a guitar stand from Y’s house: stuff I haven’t seen in over a year, including some well-elasticated swimwear (hooray!), a rash vest, neckweight, hair clips and hiking boots. Add to this Natha’s guitar (merci beaucoup chere amie!) and I’m all set for a long, hot summer in Sinai.