Stingrays show how to maneuver with grace, style and elegance in the watery depths of emotions. Stingray will teach the importance of undulating and persistent movements in life. He will demonstrate the importance of regularly cleaning and cleanliness; to clear and maintain the clutter at home and work, to clean, balance and center your emotional and spiritual beingness. Stingrays teach the art of camouflage and blending in. Are you acclimating to your surroundings? Stingray’s adaptation abilities will aid in transitions. This is also a time to drink plenty of fresh water and pay attention to salt and overall food intake. Stingray will show the balance of nutritional needs. Are you being too defensive or not being defensive enough? He will show how and when to use the venomous spines to strike effectively. Have you started a new endeavour recently? He shows that in 2-4  months ideas will come to fruition and be alive with possibilities. Stingray shows that movements in life must be balanced with sharp action and graceful tenacity.


We’d set off too late and suffered the pent-up heat of the day as well as the incessant wind. As we neared the camp, the temptation to jump into the crystal clear blue water grew and grew and when finally we reached our destination, the first thing I did after unloading my bag was grab my mask and snorkel and take the plunge. From the sandy beach I kept to the reef wall and swam around into the lagoon. Instantly revived after the hot walk, I turned back; the sun was long gone behind the mountains and stars were beginning to twinkle faintly up above in the cloudless sky. Then, about five metres in front of me, just below the surface I saw what at first I thought was a giant moray. In fact, the shape I saw was not an eel; the movement came from the wings of a huge stingray. She was swimming right towards me and my heart began to thud wildly: I was still a good fifty metres from shore. Consciously I slowed my breathing, and was able to gaze in wonder as this magnificent and graceful creature passed just beneath me. Ships crossing. I was very lucky, this was the second time in the space of a week that I’d seen a large stingray whilst swimming. The first had been at the edge of the reef at a depth of 15m, but this one had been within touching distance, looking up at me as she glided away out of sight.

The surge of adrenaline sent me racing back to the camp. I ran to the husha with arms outstretched, singing and crying out with the immense joy and privilege that had just been offered to me.

"I just saw a stringray! Another stingray! That close!"

We were still just friends at that point. Months later, he told me that it was at that precise moment he knew he’d fallen in love with me, and that he also knew he’d be in letting himself in for deep trouble.